JB HOMER Retained Executive Search, specializing in executive search for technology and operations talent in a global market

JB Homer believes that every search is a three-way partnership between the search firm, the client and the candidate

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JB Homer is a retained search firm with 25 years of experience placing senior-level technology and operations executives and their management teams, working with a diverse client base ranging from Fortune 50 corporations to pre-IPO companies.

We believe we are the best at what we do, and publications like Waters Magazine back us up - but we know that every search firm makes similar claims to excellence.

So at JB Homer, we decided to go directly to our clients, to understand why they continue to choose us to help them build strong technology and operations leadership for their companies.

And Here's What Our Clients Tell Us:
It's Our Results That Count!

  • JB Homer is known for its consistent track record. The firm delivers results - not only successfully completing the search but identifying candidates who will stay and grow with the company.
  • JB Homer is a specialist in the field of technology and operations - the firm understands the space, knows all the key players, can speak the language, is current on the issues and has strong credibility in this marketplace.
  • JB Homer doesn't waste your time. The firm grasps the skills needed and the nuances of your corporate culture and strategy - and quickly brings a slate of qualified candidates who are interested in the position and can make major contributions to your business. They know to ask the right questions - their assessment of a candidate is thorough and insightful.
  • JB Homer has a broad reach - and can look in places for a candidate where no one else might. They have built a wide network around the country - people who know the firm, are eager to talk with them and will give candid feedback on the players.
  • You get hands-on, personal attention. You know the team you are dealing with, they keep in touch, they are straightforward about what they have learned and you receive weekly written updates so there are no surprises.
  • With JB Homer, you are partnering with a firm of integrity - one that will properly represent your company in the marketplace and always acts in your best interests.
  • The firm has a no nonsense approach - the JB Homer team gets down to business and gets the job done right.