JB HOMER Retained Executive Search, specializing in executive search for technology and operations talent in a global market

"Your short list exceeded our expectations both in size and quality - we had to meet every candidate!"

Customized Research

Our customized research is the foundation of each search assignment that JB Homer undertakes

Each search starts with extensive market research to determine the comparables for compensation, skill sets, and experience for similar positions in each client's industry as well as in select industry sectors from which we may source potential candidates; and then to offer each client our analysis of their impact on the success factors for their respective search assignments.

We combine the data gleaned from our daily research into the global executive talent market with the intelligence drawn from our in-depth and in person client interviews to construct each position description that we take out to market.

We constantly expand our data sources and our already extensive network of sources to offer each client a slate of candidates who are diverse in background and approach, but who all demonstrate the ability and the desire to satisfy the position's stated requirements and can meet its success factors.

Our targeted research gives JB Homer the global reach to identify and attract a slate of qualified local candidates for our clients' opportunities whether the position will be based in the United Arab Emirates, Johannesburg, Singapore, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, DC, New York City - or in any location in-between.

Our customized research is also a critical component of the circuitous references we check as an integral part of our evaluation process for each candidate.

The research done by our in-house research department and our talented team of search consultants is updated on a daily basis to track market trends impacting each search and to continue to identify additional candidates up until the date we bring each search to a satisfactory conclusion.