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Market View - December 15, 2011


As we look forward to 2012 one of the most impactful technology innovations that is moving into widespread use is the combination of mobile and cloud computing. This versatile and cost effective combination is empowering business to better service its customers and to provide innovative solutions rapidly and at a fraction of former development and deployment costs.

We are in a competitive world economy where speed to market and the ability to provide a high level of customer satisfaction is the goal of every IT organization – no matter what industry sector or geography it operates in. The ability to combine mobile with cloud computing affords limitless possibilities for creativity that were previously hampered by significant development and support costs.

Financial services led this technology revolution by moving into mobile banking, quickly followed by the retail industry enabling the consumer to research products and to shop from mobile devices. Now virtually (pun intended) every industry has begun to realize a significant business benefit in going mobile – whether it is through sales force automation or by increasing productivity through freeing up their staff and their overhead costs from being restricted to working in their offices. Additionally, the easier it becomes for consumers to access their accounts or to make purchases from whatever device they are near to - whether it be phone, internet or mobile the more likely they are to maintain and expand that business relationship.

We are fortunate to be in a time where the technology industry is once again poised for major change and growth and to work with the people who are shaping that destiny. Creating the foundation layer of this change are the Chief Architects who are blueprinting how the new union of mobile and cloud will work, and evangelizing to the business what will be the impact of that union on their respective companies’ revenues and growth. This is not only an exciting start to a New Year but also an exciting start to a new era in computing.

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