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Artificial Intelligence: Mind Over Matter -
How This Will Affect You and The Workplace

Judy Homer
President, JB Homer Associates

Today, we have evolved into a society of smart technologies, and we rely heavily on their daily usage. This affects our senses and our path toward growth enhancement. However, in the world of artificial intelligence (AI), we ask ourselves how we can develop high performance and sustainability to include innovation. Employees are looking for a clear purpose to make a difference and to identify with a company culture so as to fit in for future growth.

As a pioneer of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Elon Musk, was mentioned in the Business Insider's, June 2017 edition as being at the forefront of working on a venture called Neuralink, which is telepathy-technology, integrating brains to human computers to supercharge human cognition. As a result, this could supersede a human being's intelligence, creating a more powerfully-artificial one. However, the question which comes to mind is how to mitigate the risk globally of a super-powered, artificially-intelligent robot. Elon Musk is speaking out about this, as noted in the WSJ, July 17, 2017, conveying the message that regulations need to be put in place to prevent this merged brain from creating a global war.

Globally, the Internet of Things (IoT) will be connected to every device we own, making it possible to converge with Artificial Intelligence (AI). So how do we differentiate our thoughts with the artificially, super-powered thinker in order to maintain control and recognize that whatever information is available to us will make us aware and secure, without it being funneled inadvertently to hackers. How will it ultimately affect our lives and our culture daily?

Behavioral patterns of company employees could lean toward assessing and measuring employees' friendships on social media sites as a way of selecting the right cultural fit for a particular company. Will employers and employees benefit from this innovation or will it create a homogenous team? Artificial Intelligence, without a doubt, will affect the operating core of a company's business as well as how employees perceive themselves and what they can contribute toward their growth. One thing for sure is that we need to embrace uncertainty in order to grow and navigate ambiguity.

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