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In this issue of the President's Letter, Frederica discusses:
How Company Culture Drives Digital Transformation
Re-Engineering the People Culture and Mindset

Judy Homer
President, JB Homer Associates

Re-Engineering the People Culture of an organization is created by effectively applying these four main components: collaborating with people in an agile manner for the team to work cross-functionally; taking risks; instilling trust in your CIO, Business Unit Leaders, and your team to create open communications, which will foster a cohesive environment; and treating all internal reports as if they were your clients.

People Culture is a key determinant of a successful digital transformation. Technology is constantly changing; however, without the human element in the forefront, lasting change will not occur. People Culture is the operating system of the organization. You need it to breathe.

People Culture leads to the adoption of technology. Organizations need to build the people culture and their community by sharing their experiences, learning what works, brainstorming and collaborating. Re-engineering an organization is all about the People Culture and changing the mind-set to learn how to operate differently. The concept of technology and design-thinking are showing customers how to interact differently as well as employees in the workplace. As Big Data and Predictive Analytics serve as a tool to help the company digitally transform the mindset, workplace, and behavior of their employees, subsequently, businesses are also better able to access and pull insights from this information to create a more seamless experience for both their employees and customer base.

Design-thinking starts with the customer and an application, and it can be used as a modus operandi within a people culture to treat all internal employees with respect and reward them based on their performances. It is important to think throughout the company about how to blend business, technology, and human values in order to generate innovation. Actually Re-engineering and Design-thinking play an integral role, since they articulate the customer experience. If you treat your team and your direct reports as a client, then you are treating them as one would in the outside world. You influence their behavior based on how you relate to them and how you translate their expectations. The employees become a part of the human customer experience and give feedback on the performance of the company. This is the ultimate way of enhancing the bottom-line, and it can be usefully applied to demonstrate how company employees are viewed as end-users of their own experiences. This approach is what drives digital transformation from the inside out, starting from the organization.

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