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The Rise of Novel and Emerging Technologies: How Does This Affect Start-Ups, Markets, Companies, and Consumers?

Judy Homer
President, JB Homer Associates

Novel technologies and start-ups are altering the way all businesses think, function, and behave. This modus operandi affects consumers on a daily basis, as we actively participate in the process. So, what are the driving forces behind Artificial Intelligence and the Big Data boom?

Today there is more focus on Retail and leveraging Artificial Intelligence as well as gauging customer behavior and gathering data to create a boom in buying in the retail sector. Therefore, we will see an overhaul of customer service this year, perfected by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants. Subsequently, inventory and consumer interest will be revolutionized. The marriage of AI and the adoption of Big Data into the retailer's business models will bring in more profits for retailers. As a result, more businesses will adapt and adjust.

Smarter Marketing will be one of the key indicators to revolutionize the power of Big Data. This smart power will target specific consumers from their inboxes to their doorsteps. Real Time targeting is currently producing more sales opportunities for companies who know how to use it properly.

Chatbots are also becoming more intelligent and will be able to provide information and guidance within various industries. This innovative implementation will encourage a broader adoption into the social media platforms. Today, shifting language is helping companies to spot market manipulation. Mega banks are using AI to get a real time understanding of the market and its operational risks. New software platforms are now altering how big companies collaborate internally as well as how they are customized to the "robo-advisory" experience, providing for a customer experience with greater personal choices.

The boost of new start-ups, employment for these revolutionary roles in Big Data and Analytics, and the commitment to make decisions in real time will continue to create more opportunities for markets, companies, and people to become more agile in their future. What are your thoughts?

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