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As seen on SearchCIO.com, February 9, 2007


The good news: Your CEO thinks you're doing a good job. The bad news: He has low expectations. A report released today from Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Mass., revealed that while 78% of the CEOs surveyed say they're happy with the job performance of their CIOs, fewer than half have any confidence in IT as a contributor to business success.

Easier said than done, as most CIOs find themselves without the clout to take action. The fact is, said Judy B. Homer, president of New York City-based JB Homer Associates Inc., a national IT staffing firm that focuses on recruitment of CIOs, is that in order to execute change, CIOs need to have the responsibility and the authority to affect change.

"I think the question the CEO has to ask himself is how much authority have I given my CIO in order for him to have a seat at the table so that he hears what's going on and he can utilize technology as something that really could be business innovative. Every CIO's dream is really to affect the business. Because other than that, there's no job, so what's the point?"

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