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Presented at the March 8th, 2004 SIMNY Luncheon ...

Society for Information Management, New York Metro

Creating a New Career Gameplan for the IT Executive

As a CIO or senior IT executive, your success depends on more than being a great technologist. In recent remarks, our speaker Judy Homer noted..."Whether leaders are being promoted from the ranks or coming in with a new perspective from the outside, many of our clients are committed to ensuring that person's success by providing them with tools to become more effective leaders and to build a strong support team around them."

Now that you have made it to the top of your organization, how do you continue to grow your career? How do you set milestones for measuring your success, and how do you identify and overcome the obstacles in your path? How do you assess and build a team of talented executives that will complement you and contribute to the achievement of your goals? Judy Homer will discuss how you can develop strategies and create a checklist for visualizing your goals for building the team you need to support you in making them a reality.

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