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IT managers at small firms lack clout

IT managers at smaller companies are most likely not involved in key technology buying decisions, according to a new survey. Instead, they've been relegated to researching technology for non-IT decision makers and implementing that technology.

Soon many of them will find themselves with a new CIO as a boss.
They need someone who is going to be talking to the business and understanding this business.
      Judy B. Homer
      President, JB Homer Associates Inc.
Judy B. Homer, president of New York City-based JB Homer Associates Inc., a national IT staffing firm that focuses on recruitment of CIOs and their direct reports, said she is working with a $350-$400 million company that wants to leverage an infusion of venture capital to grow to a $1 billion company.

Homer's client, like most small companies, began with simpler IT needs. It had an IT director who implemented a basic infrastructure. But now that company is poised for growth, it's looking for someone with strategic vision.

"In this company, they're about seven years old. They've only ever had this person who manages their infrastructure. Now they've engaged us to find them a vice president of MIS."

Homer said the existing IT director will probably end up reporting to the new vice president.

"They'll end up layering him. Not because he's not good, but simply because there's a different level of communication when dealing with a vice president of MIS. They need someone who is going to be talking to the business and understanding this business. It will be done in a positive manner. It's more the norm rather than the exception. This person (the existing IT director) is more of a technologist than a business person."

Homer said IT managers who find themselves with a new CIO for a boss have a good opportunity to learn. If the new CIO is a good business person, then the former head of IT has a chance to acquire business skills on top of his existing technology expertise.

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